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Available Designs

Choosing your quilting motif might be your favorite part of quilting - or not. I'm here to help. There are well over 200 designs in my library - if you're the type of person that wants to see them alllllll, scroll through below.

If you want a more streamlined view, click any of the categories below to see just those designs.

Don't see anything that's just right, or have you seen another design I don't have yet? Click the 'Just Ask' below to send me a note.

Like what you see?

The designs above are just a small sampling from our complete catalog. They are designed by the wonderful Longarm League if you're looking for a little more eye candy. Feeling something else? Send me a note or tell me what quilty vibe you're feeling in your intake form, and I can see what might fit the bill or work with you to split the cost of a new design.

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