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I love making quilts shine and getting them to pop.

You put your heart and soul into these pieces, and the quilting should match.

When I became a mom, my sewing through-put went from cheetah speed to a snail's pace. My rented longarming space had closed, and my sewing room turned into a nursery once I welcomed my first bundle of joy into the world. Suddenly, I had to be really choosy about how I was spending precious naptime minutes. A lot of quilting projects fell by the wayside, and I had to focus on only the ones my heart was really in.

This was when I first turned to a longarmer in my local Modern Quilt Guild for help finish a wedding quilt for a friend. There was no way I was going to do it on my domestic after having rented time on a longarm and watching it do all the hard work for me. Since my first QuiltCon in 2016, I've been mesmerized by the computerized longarms and had dreamed of getting one.

Fast forward several years, and I just couldn't shake my itch for making quilts go from special to 'Wow.' In 2022, I converted our garage from a glorified storage unit to the sewing studio of my dreams, complete with space for my Innova M28 and 12' frame. It never would have fit in that old sewing-room-turned-nursery anyway!

There are quilts that take blood, sweat, and tears to finish, believe me I know. And sometimes you just want to get them done to be done, but sometimes they’re your pride and joy. You worked HARD on them, and you love how everything came together. It’s my job as your quilter to help make your vision come to fruition on this step of the journey. Whether it's your first or your fortieth quilt, I would love to work with you!

Erin and her child are in a booth at a Farmer's Market looking a bunch of flowers.
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